Mechanical Services

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All types of service to cater for your budget and needs



Gearbox and Clutch
We fit genuine clutches at very reasonable rates.

Head gasket and Cam-belts
Broken cam-belts cause serious and expensive damage to your engine. We have excellent backup from engineers who will machine almost anything back to a serviceable state. Head gaskets generally fail for a reason... there is normally an underlying fault which causes the failure. We have the cylinder heads machined and pressure tested prior to being re-fitted to the vehicle, thus minimizing the chance of a re-occurrence of the failure.

Full Engine Rebuilds
Engines can be built to customers requirements, from new or used parts. We can reclaim serviceable parts from your engine if required. Please ring us with your requirements and we will supply you with a quotation within 24 hours.

Replacement Engines and Gearboxes usually available.

All suspension parts supplied and fitted.
Rear Radius Arms for Citroen BX, Xantia,XM supplied and fitted.

Recovery available, call for details.
spare parts available over the counter. If it's not in stock we can source it for you.